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Four Ways IT Service Personnel Can Remain Relevant In SaaS Environments

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Are you an IT professional wondering where you'll fit into your organization after a shift to software-as-a-service solutions? SaaS seems to cut out the traditional model of IT support, as customers work directly with software solutions vendors rather than through technical help. But IT professionals need not become obsolete; they simply need to adjust their own services to compensate.

1. Platform Integration

An enterprise is very rarely able to place all of their services on the same platform. Instead, a company often has an enterprise resource-planning solution, a customer relationship management solution, and various other products that all need to be integrated together. By becoming an expert in the most common platforms and facilitating the integration between them, you will be able to show your own value.

2. Performing IT Audits

Who determines which SaaS solutions the company needs and which are the better solutions? You can regularly perform IT audits to determine whether money and time may be wasted with certain platforms or whether transitioning to another platform may be valuable. Not only does this improve the efficiency of your company, but it also gets you direct time with the decision makers in your business.

3. Price Negotiations

No one knows the true value of IT solutions the way that an IT technician does. By involving yourself in price negotiations, you can directly save your company money and justify your own personal salary. You can run comparisons between a variety of SaaS solutions, determining the price ranges for these solutions and the correct price point, and identify features and upgrades that your company just doesn't need. 

4. On-Site Support

You're probably aware of the biggest problem as an IT technician: When everything goes right, you're invisible; when everything goes wrong, you're to blame. You can resolve this by not remaining invisible. Engage yourself visibly in on-site support to show employees, managers, and decision makers that you're available to help with any small glitches and problems that crop up. Though SaaS support may be available, they will often need to be accessed remotely through the phone; since you are there in person, you have an advantage, as long as you use it. 

SaaS enterprise environments are rapidly becoming incredibly popular and the transition often can't be avoided. But as an IT professional, proving your worth means remaining engaged, visible, and involved. SaaS vendors are rarely on-site and are not always accessible. If you can adapt quickly, you can remain an indispensable part of your organization's IT service.